Megan V. Walker

I love all things techie and geeky, including digital marketing, social media and especially the PowerPlatform. Learning new things is great, but helping others and sharing new things is even better.

On my website you’ll find stuff on the subjects mentioned, but other random things might be thrown in too. I often search for solutions and find an answer that is so technical I ‘think’ it might be the right answer, but it’s just over my head. Hopefully my way of explaining things can help people no matter their level of understanding.

Megan's Gift!

2019 has been a pretty incredible year for me. I joined a group of amazing MVP’s, and started blogging about a little new tool known as Forms Pro. If you’ve been following my series at all, you will know it took off quickly, and I’ve now got over 40 articles and videos.

In 2020 I wanted to continue sharing knowledge and information about Forms Pro, but give people a way to learn at their own pace in a structured step by step course. I’m extremely proud to be launching the first (and only I believe!) Microsoft Forms Pro Online Course.

My gift for Day 24 is a contest. The winner will get free access to the course, including continued updates to content for 12 months. This means, anything new that comes out, it will be added to the course, and you get it, free. That’s a $237 value, at no cost to you. All of the content is just getting the last finishing touches, and all nine chapters and their related lessons will be published no later than January 1st 2020

If you don’t win? I’ve still got something for you too! To keep in line with my day on the advent calendar, if you sign up for my course between now and the end of January 2020, you can take 24% off the price. Just fill out the form below to enter, and you’ll get the details for how to claim the discount! The winner will be chosen on December 27th so you have a few days to do it.