Nicholas Hayduk

Nicholas Hayduk is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP, Solution Architect and Developer, and a licensed Professional Engineer. In 2015, he founded Engineered Code Consulting Inc., a professional services firm with a specialization in Power Apps Portals/Dynamics 365 Portal/Adxstudio Portals implementations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 and the Power Platform. Nick has worked the Power Apps Portals platform since it’s infancy, first as a developer with Adxstudio and now backed with a Portal-focused development team of his own. With dozens of Portal implementations under his belt, Nick’s unique blend of technical CRM expertise and real-world business experience is trusted by Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners, and end-organizations alike.

Nicholas's Gift!

If you work with Power Apps Portals (or Dynamics 365 Portals, or Adxstudio Portals), you know the learning curve can be steep. Enter for a chance to win a couple of hours of time with Nicholas Hayduk, Business Applications MVP who works with Portals every day. It’s up to you how you want to use those hours. Are you working on a Portals project and want someone to bounce ideas off of, or help troubleshoot when something doesn’t go quite right? Are you new to Portals and want a quick getting started training session? Do you have any questions about uniquely Canadian topics like the rules of curling or why some of us called hoodies “bunny hugs”? Or, if you’re feeling generous and want to share your prize with the whole community, you can pick a topic that you want to learn more about and Nick can deliver a training session open to anyone who wants to join. The choice is yours!