Sara Lagerquist

My name is Sara Lagerquist and I’m a Business Application MVP. I’m a no-code advocate who focus on finding and building solutions with the least amount of code necessary. I have a blog called No Code Customization Concepts where I share tips and things to think about when using no-code customizations in Power Platform.

Sara's Gift!

We are often in a situation where we have records that need to be transferred between our different environments (DEV, TEST, PROD). These records might have relationships between several entities and it would be time consuming to import with the OOB excel import functionality or put in manually. There are different data transfer tools on the market, my favourite and the one I find most flexible is called Shuffle and is a two part tool in XrmToolBox. For example this tool can handle import of N:N relationships with easy configuration. This gift is an example shuffle script and an instruction of how to use this tool! 🙂