Sarah Jelinek

I am a proud geek who loves technology and to help solve problems. I have been working with Dynamics and the Power Platform since Dynamics CRM 3.0. I love every time there is a new release with new functionality. I have been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for Dynamics since 2007 and I enjoy showing people how Dynamics and the Power Platform can help them work smarter, not harder. I am currently working with Arctic IT as a Technology Evangelist and Consultant.

Sarah's Gift!

Whether you have just started using Dynamics 365 Customer Service or have been using it for years, you know that time is money. I’m providing a free download as my gift. In this guide, I will highlight five areas you can automate to save time and money. From automatically creating and routing cases, capturing and sharing knowledge, and standardized communication, you can streamline the workload for your customer service representatives.