Vivek Bavishi

Vivek is a big time #PowerAddict who has been playing around with Power Apps and Power Automate for more than 2 years now and loves sharing his experience with the community. He likes connecting different APIs and has made some crazy Power Apps including Random Movie recommendations, Face Recognition, YouTube Deck, Smart Home Automation and many more. He writes blogs, makes videos, tweets latest Power Platform updates and shares his work on GitHub. If you need to connect with him, Twitter is the quickest way to reach out.

Vivek's Gift!

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✅ 1 hour Consulting time

✅ Make a video with me

✅ A special edition Power Addicts mug.

Two lucky people will be randomly selected for the gift. For more details, click the button below and enter the code API to get access. For more details, click the button below, then enter code API to gain access.